Will a Sinus Infection Make My Throat Sore?

SoreThroat_small.jpgWill a sinus infection make your throat sore? In short, it certainly can. Sinus infections typically come with sinus congestion. The mucus that forms that congestion leads to post-nasal drip, which in turn irritates your throat. This is what leads to a sore throat from a sinus infection.

Sore throats are symptoms of many illnesses though, including the common cold. So, how do you know whether or not that sore throat is from a sinus infection? Let’s look at symptoms of post-nasal drip.

Itchy, sore throat.
While many ailments can cause sore, tender throats, an itchy throat is indicative of irritants. In this case, the irritant would be mucus from post-nasal drip.

Frequent need to clear your throat.
Feeling a frequent or nearly constant need to clear your throat, swallow, or spit is an indication of post-nasal drip mucus.

Excess mucus draining into the stomach frequently causes nausea.

A cough that is typically worse at night.
During the day while you are likely more active, the mucus from post-nasal is able to drain down your throat more easily. At night while you are sleeping or lying down, the drainage can slow and build up. Coughing is your body’s way of trying to clear your throat of that mucus buildup.

How can I treat this?

While there are some treatments for the sore throat caused by post-nasal drip, the most effective course of action is to treat the cause of the irritation - the sinus infection itself.

You can still treat the irritation and soothe your throat though. Over the counter medications such as pain relievers can help. Warm liquids, such as soups and caffeine-free teas are also soothing on the throat. Steamy showers, humidifiers, and Neti pots can help loosen and flush out mucus, reducing irritation on the throat.

In any case, the best course of action is to see your doctor. Not only can they correctly diagnose your source of infection, but they can also help you choose the best course of treatment for your particular illness.