04 May

Feeling Dizzy?

Do you find yourself regularly losing balance, experiencing episodes of spinning, feeling woozy or lightheaded, suffering injuries, or getting into accidents? If so, you are experiencing what is commonly referred to as feeling dizzy. While it is fairly common, particularly among older adults, recurring bouts of this sensation are likely indicators of something more serious. Most instances of dizziness are treatable once the root cause is determined, but it is important to take note exactly what symptoms you are experiencing. Since “dizzy” is a broad term that is used to describe several sensations, including lightheadedness and vertigo, keeping track of the symptoms you experience can help point to the root of the issue.

15 Jun

Ears and Altitude

f you have ever travelled by air, it is likely that you have experienced ear problems, particularly during takeoff and landing. Many people suffer from “popping” or “blocked” ears, commonly referred to as Airplane Ear, during air travel. In fact, ear problems have become the most common medical complaint among people using air travel. While these incidents are usually nothing more than minor annoyances, they have the potential to result in temporary pain and hearing loss.