Why Does the Bridge of My Nose Hurt?

AdobeStock_225428312_small.jpgThere are a number of reasons for areas of your face to hurt, and some are fairly common. When the bridge of your nose starts to hurt though, focusing can be difficult and you might not know what to reach for. Of the various reasons for the bridge of your nose to be in pain, the most simple cause is ill-fitting glasses. If you can’t adjust them yourself, then an optician certainly can. If your glasses aren’t the cause, then here are some other potential causes.


This one likely seems obvious, right? If you’re experiencing pain at the bridge of your nose, take a moment to think about whether you’ve experienced recent trauma. Not all injuries show up right away, and injuries from falls, athletic activities, car accidents, or fights can all cause nasal injury. This often presents itself as a stuffy nose at first.

Most doctors want to wait to fully diagnose injuries to the nose until swelling has subsided, but it’s still safer to see a doctor sooner rather than later. The pain could be caused by something else.

Ethmoid sinusitis

You’re probably familiar with sinusitis (sinus infections), but there are also types of sinus infections specific to certain sinus cavities in the face. The ethmoid sinus cavities are located on both sides of the bridge of your nose. If either or both of these cavities become infected, they cause pain and pressure right at the bridge of your nose.

If this is the case, it’s best to seek medical attention so that the infection doesn’t become worse and spread.

Nasal furunculosis

This is an infection that looks and feels like a large pimple or blister inside of your nose, and it can happen after a respiratory infection, because of heavy nose-blowing, or excessive nose-picking. It’s also often accompanied by crusting, discharge, and swelling. Antibiotics are often prescribed to clear it up.


This is a growth of granulomas or lumps of inflammatory cells and is typically chronic. It’s usually caused by the immune system’s response to allergens or some other irritant.

Perforated nasal septum

This is a hole in the nasal septum, and some people can have them their entire lives and never know it. It can also be caused by trauma, drug use, rhinoplasty, or in some cases even cancer.

When the bridge of your nose is in pain, it’s always best to seek medical care. Here at the Ashford Clinic, we will assess your individual needs, and do our best to help you find relief.