What is a Collapsed Nostril?

AdobeStock_138164579_small.jpgWhen the nasal valve weakens, the result can be a collapsed nostril. This is a condition that can make breathing difficult when you’re lying down, and the feeling is as though your nose is blocked. It can also feel like a constant stuffy nose.

The cause of a collapsed nostril can come from different sources - it might come as the result of trauma leading to a septum deviation, a nasal reconstruction, or even a genetic issue with the structure of the nose. The collapse is a result of the weakening of the nasal valve. It also has a range of impacts. The collapse could be on both or one side of the nose. It could also cause a partial blockage instead of a complete one. The impact varies by individual.

So how do you know whether you might have a collapsed nostril? While a full diagnosis is done by an ENT, there are some symptoms common to the condition:

  • Breathing trouble while sleeping
  • Feeling a blocked sensation in your nose that is constant
  • One nostril is larger than the other
  • Your nostril seems to collapse when you inhale
  • The condition does not respond to medications

Fixing a collapsed nostril typically requires surgery. When diagnosing a collapsed nostril, your doctor will likely want to rule out allergies first. This is because some of the symptoms can be similar, and some patients experience allergies year-round. Once the diagnosis is confirmed, there are a number of different surgical options. Your doctor will want to choose the method that best fits your needs, whether it’s through an implant, balloon sinuplasty, or other reconstructive surgery.

When it comes to your nasal health, there are many factors that can be involved, and often underlying conditions can have overlapping symptoms. When in doubt, it’s never a bad idea to seek medical advice, and at the Ashford Clinic we want to help you breathe easier. We’ll assess your condition, and work to find the best treatment for your specific needs.