What Can You Do for Severe Sinus Congestion?

SinusPain.pngWinter is here, and spring will be here before too long. If you haven’t dealt with some form of sinus congestion already, there’s likely some that you’ll be dealing with soon. Knowing what you can do now can help you reduce your discomfort later on.

Treating Your Congestion At Home

There are many things that you can do to help treat your congestion. Some of these are habits like washing your hands regularly, changing your bed linens more often, avoiding smoking, or using a humidifier. Every case is different though, and not all treatments work for everyone.

  • Elevate your head while you sleep. This can mean an extra pillow or raising the head of your bed slightly. Elevating your head while you sleep allows your sinuses to drain on their own naturally.
  • Steam. A warm shower first thing in the morning can bring relief by loosening up mucus in your nose. A warm mug of herbal tea or a bowl of soup can also help.
  • Natural supplements. Peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, and vitamin C can provide some relief as short term remedies. Licorice root has also been known to soothe nasal passages.
  • Saline nasal sprays and neti pots. In addition to help in moisturizing your nasal passages, saline rinses can also flush out allergens or other irritants within your sinuses.
  • Steroid sprays. Nasal steroid sprays can be effective in short-term use. It’s best to avoid prolonged use though because they can lose effectiveness over time.
  • Alternating heat and cold. Another way to reduce inflammation is to alternate warm compresses and cold packs. A chilled facial roller can also be used in place of a cold pack.
  • Weight loss. Although not a quick option, some research has shown that losing weight can help improve sinus congestion symptoms.

It’s always best to see your doctor for severe sinus congestion because identifying the cause of the congestion can help you recover faster and provide lasting relief. If you are in the Athens, GA area, give Ashford Clinic a call to learn more or to make an appointment. We'll work to identify and treat the root cause of your sinus issues so you can feel better sooner.