Spotting a Sinus Infection Early

iStock-1189920065_small.jpgYou feel congested, your energy is gone, you’re coughing, and you might even have a fever. Is it a sinus infection though, or just a common cold? While colds and sinus infections do share some of the same symptoms, they don’t share ALL of them.

Telltale Signs of a Sinus Infection

Yellow or green mucus. If the mucus coming from your nose is a different color than it usually is, it’s likely that you have a sinus infection.  

Sinus pressure and sensitivity around the eyes and cheekbones. If you’re congested and the mucus isn’t draining properly, the buildup will cause pain around your eye and cheekbones.

Pain in your teeth. The congestion in your sinus cavities can also cause pain to your teeth due to their relative position to your sinuses.

Swelling of nasal passages and redness of the face. Identifying these symptoms is typically easier for your doctor to see, but if you feel that your nasal passages are swollen it’s likely a sinus infection.

Bad breath. This also might be difficult to identify on your own, but the cause is bacteria in mucus which is unable to drain properly. This in turn creates a foul odor.

Another sign of a possible sinus infection is nausea, which is usually caused by post-nasal drip. The mucus can upset your stomach. Another possible symptom is dizziness, which is triggered by pressure due to a buildup of fluid in your ear. These other symptoms can sometimes occur with colds though.

Treating a Sinus Infection

The fastest way to get rid of a sinus infection is to visit your doctor. Instead of trying to guess on your own, your doctor will be able to quickly identify and prescribe the correct treatments and medications for you. If you are in the Athens/Northeast Georgia area, give us a call at Ashford Clinic! We're here to help with all of your ENT issues.