Soothing Itchy Ears and Throats

iStock-925714420_small.jpgAs with most upper respiratory issues, itching in the ears and throat is primarily caused by irritation. That irritation can lead to interrelated sinus issues like congestion and postnasal drip.  Causes of the irritation can range from environmental to mild illnesses. Let's take a look at what causes these issues and how to soothe them.


Allergies can sneak up on some individuals who haven’t noticed any before. A common one is hay fever, but pollen itself can also be a culprit. In more humid regions such as the South, mold is another common allergen. Pet dander can also be a culprit, especially if your dog or cat is usually curled up next to you on the bed or sofa.

Weather changes

Fluctuations in barometric pressure, a dip in humidity, or even an extended period of rain can all cause congestion and postnasal drip, leading to that uncomfortable itch. In these cases, the


The common cold typically brings along multiple symptoms, including itchy ears and throats. Sinusitis is another possible cause. Viral colds usually clear up in a few days, but if the problem continues it’s a good idea to see your doctor.

Excessive ear wax

Yes, excessive ear wax can also be a cause of ear AND throat itchiness! When an excess of earwax builds up it can cause pressure in the sinuses, and this in turn can cause irritation in the throat. It’s best to leave the removal of excess ear wax to your doctor though, otherwise, you could risk damaging your eardrum and subsequent hearing loss.


  • A humidifier can provide some relief if you’re finding the air to be too dry.
  • Sleeping with your head elevated can help relieve or even avoid congestion.
  • Get tested for allergies, including food allergies. You might have developed one that you weren’t aware of.
  • Frequent cleaning and vacuuming to remove allergens from fabrics and surfaces.
  • Humming for a few minutes at a time. The vibrations from the humming can loosen minor congestion, allowing your sinuses to clear themselves out.