Nasal Swelling: What is it and Why does it happen?

iStock-854418298_small.jpgNasal swelling is a symptom that happens as a result of a whole range of illnesses, but have you ever wondered why it actually happens? Not just the symptom itself, but also the actual cause behind it.

It’s fairly uncommon that nasal swelling ISN’T a symptom of some other illness. Typically, a patient will ask what they’re suffering from and list nasal swelling as a symptom instead of the actual illness. Still, the swelling itself can make the other symptoms (or even the illness itself) worse.

To put it in the simplest terms, nasal swelling is caused by inflammation of your sinus tissue. This irritation can come from illness, allergens, irritants, or even common pollution. In turn, these can also help bacterias, viruses, or even fungal infections invade and further irritate your nasal passages.

In some cases, prolonged irritations can lead to non-cancerous nasal polyps. These are small fleshy growths that can make you feel like your nasal passages are swollen AND increase the risk of other sinus infections.

In addition to these possible causes, inflamed turbinates (areas inside of your nose) and a deviated septum can also cause swelling when combined with sinus congestion. These are less common, but can still lead to painful swelling.

So how do you reduce nasal swelling and the associated risks? One of the more recent options is balloon sinuplasty. It’s a minimally invasive, in-office procedure that’s provided long-term relief for many patients with sinus-related issues. The procedure itself takes just under twenty minutes.

Whatever the cause of your nasal swelling, you don’t have to figure out what’s causing it on your own. We can assess the cause, and determine what treatment is best for your situation. If you're located in the Athens/Northeast Georgia Area, give Ashford Clinic a call at 706-248-6860 to learn more and schedule an appointment.