How to enjoy the outdoors during spring when you suffer from seasonal allergies

2-people-sitting-with-view-of-yellow-flowers-during-daytime-196666.jpgGeorgia residents who deal with allergies from spring pollen often choose to stay inside during one of the most pleasant seasons because they don't want to suffer the consequences of exposure to tree pollen, grass pollen, and other forms of pollen. 
At Ashford Clinic, we understand the desire to get outside without having to worry about getting a runny nose, scratchy throat, or even a sinus infection as a result of enjoying the outdoors. We want to share a few tips with you that can help you enjoy the outdoors this spring without suffering from your seasonal allergies.
1. Avoid being outside in the morning - pollen counts are often at their highest during this time of day, so opt for going outside in the afternoons and evenings instead.
2. Wash off. When you come back in, be sure to change your clothes, shower, and rinse your nasal passages. Taking these steps can remove pollen from your body and nasal passages, making you less likely to experience allergy symptoms after you've been outside.
3. Do you have a pet that goes outside regularly, but lives indoors too? Bath them regularly as well. Your furry friends can bring pollen inside too.
4. Wear sunglasses. If you're prone to itchy eyes, wearing sunglasses while you are outside to provide some protection from pollen, and can help lessen the itch.
5. Over-the-counter allergy medicines can help. Antihistamines and nasal sprays for allergies are both helpful when you're combating the symptoms of seasonal allergies.
6. See one of our providers at Ashford Clinic. We specialize in treating allergies, and we've heard from several patients that our allergy treatment has been "life-changing" for them. If you've tried all other solutions and you're tired of dealing with seasonal allergies, come and see us, and we'll help you get to a place where you can enjoy being outside again.
7. Avoid going outside on high pollen count days. Keep an eye on the pollen count and avoid going outside until evening on high pollen count days, if you go outside at all. 
Allergies are one of the most common problems we treat here at Ashford Clinic. We don't want you to have to suffer through allergy season or through invasive allergy tests. We offer in-office allergy testing that is quick, painless, and effective for testing patients to see what environmental allergies they may have. Click here to learn more about Allergy Testing at Ashford Clinic.
Enjoy the spring weather here in North Georgia. Get outside for some fresh air and vitamin D, and if you need some help, we're here for you!