Benefits of Balloon Sinuplasty

SinusHeadache.jpgSinus infections that keep happening, medications that cause drowsiness, fatigue, or don’t seem to work when you need them to, and the agonizing discomfort of sinus pressure. There are times when traditional treatments just don’t work for everyone the way that they’d like, and even medications can be disruptive to everyday life. There is an effective alternative, though.

Unlike over-the-counter medications or highly invasive nasal surgeries, Balloon Sinuplasty is a minimally invasive, long-lasting solution to the pain and disruption of chronic and recurring sinus infections. It can even eliminate complications from reoccurring sinus issues.

How does it work? During an in-office procedure, the nasal cavities and passageways are reshaped using a balloon catheter. Your doctor uses a small tube with a light and camera to guide the catheter. This typically takes a little over twenty minutes. In less than an hour, your nasal passages have been reshaped and opened. Since most sinus issues are due to congestion and blockage, this procedure allows the sinuses to drain easily and prevents future congestion issues.

Unlike traditional nasal surgeries, there is no cutting of bone or tissue. Not only does this make the procedure safer and less painful, but the recovery time is also much faster. Some patients report experiencing some tenderness, but the symptoms don’t last more than a few days. Most patients are fully recovered within a week.

As this is still a newer procedure, it’s still not clear exactly how long the effects of the treatment last. However, many are seeing results for at least two years following the procedure. Imagine not having to deal with sinus infections and pain for at least two years. If you’ve suffered from chronic sinus infections, this could very well be your new reality thanks to balloon sinuplasty.

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